England: Turks Arrested for Gang-Enrichment of Teen Girl

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Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

I do say my good chap, this is a rather unsettling display.

However, I must state that while uncouth, it is needed so that Great Britain can allow Sweden to survive.


Three Turkish men have received short prison sentences for gang-raping a teen girl and dumping her on the street in Canterbury, England. Sali Amet, 23, of Preston Street in Faversham, and Omer Engin, 24, of Hoades Wood Road in Sturry, were handed nine-year sentences for rape, while Salih Altun, 25, of East Street in Faversham, received nine years and nine months for two counts of rape, KentOnline reports.

However, it is not typical for criminals in Britain to serve their supposed prison sentences entirely in custody, and if the trio received standard determinate sentences they will all be paroled automatically at the halfway point of their terms.

The court heard how Almet and Altun took the inebriated 19-year-old from The Cuban bar on Canterbury’s High Street to a car park near Holman’s Meadow and raped her, before Engin joined them and did the same.


I’ll take this over fifty year sentences for white men who whistled at a girl they later found out was only 17.999999999999 years old any day.

What was the woman doing getting drunk with them, anyway? Looking to preach to them about Jesus?

Regardless of the race of the guys who failed to leave fifty bucks with her, I like the idea of there being more realistic sentencing and a lot, and I mean a LOT more burden of proof than “It was real in my mind” which is about what it seems like to me.


9 years is a pretty tough for rape in the UK. they will be out in 4 1\2 but only if they behave themselves. of course they should be hanged.


Meanwhile in the Islamic Republic of Turkey

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I knew a guy who did 20 years for getting in a fight with another customer in a liquor store and then forgetting to pay for his beer when he left (considered armed robbery, for some reason). Either Europe is very lenient or the USA is very harsh.


The english government has straight up declared war on its own people.


They deserve public castration, all their junk shorn off in public. their families forced to cauterize the bleeding gash, no public monies invested whatsoever, their families will have to address them with red hot iron to save their fucking subhuman lives.




USA is so harsh it becomes ridiculous (99 year sentence :roll_eyes:) and Europe way too soft.

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Sounds like the Sultan of Turkey will declare these Brits as racist.


Every Jew victim will be avenged. When the Serpent’s head is sliced off, these genetic mutations will have no system to use as a safety net.


Yeah I have no sympathy for these stories. She leaves the bar with the animals, she chose her fate. There are lots incidents across the white world of these savages violently raping our women, but this story doesn’t do that truth justice. Just sounds like a drunken slut who regretted letting Ahkmed and his 10 brothers run a train on her.

They should still be hung though, along with their non-rapist compatriots (lol I joke, no such thing as a non-rapist shitskin)

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When they say ‘Turks’ they really mean Muslims.


In Turkey it’s also a thing for them to whore out their wives if they fall into debt. I am not joking, a USN guy who was out there learned that when he and his buddies were on shore leave. They scoot them to the whore house and pick them up when the wifes ‘stint’ of duty is done.

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they are cucks

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They “took” her? What the hell does that mean? The bitch went with them willingly…

“failed to leave 50 bucks with her”
:joy:Hit the nail on the head

I think she ordered just the kebab but was given the complimentary combo

'Merka is pretty harsh. We send people to jail for every-fucking-thing.

Jail is our default answer to anything we don’t agree with.

And we have mandatory minimum sentencing. Some poor sap gets busted with an ounce of weed and gets 10 years with no parole. Some other (((sap))) defrauds a few hundred seniors out of their life savings, totaling MILLION$ and gets seven years, out in three. Oh, and he has to pay them back, at $50 a month for however long it takes…

Restitution never really enters the calculus, other than adding an insult to the jail-sentence-injury. See above.

We have near zero tradition in our Criminal jurisprudence for making the victim whole. We only want to punish, Punish, PUNISH…

Then our Civil (((jurisprudence))) leaves some to be desired. Ask Andrew.

This bitch really needs a burndown.